• Pre-school is the child’s first step in Education. To fulfill this task, we offer both Montessori and Play Way Methods to the children which help them to stimulate their potentials.

    Our pre-school programs are structured in such a way that they get the ideas, skills and confidence needed to grow up and be unique.


    • Pre-Nursery/Play-Group
      • 1 yr 8 mo - 2 yr 7 mo
        Age Group
      • 09AM to 12noon
    • Nursery
      • 2 yr 8 mo - 3 yr 7 mo
        Age Group
      • 09AM to 12noon
    • LKG
      • 3 yr 8 mo - 4 yr 7 mo
        Age Group
      • 09AM to 12noon
    • UKG
      • 4 yr 8 mo - 5 yr 7 mo
        Age Group
      • 09AM to 12.30noon
  • Assessment

    • Assessment is the gathering and analysis of information about student’s performance and activities.
    • It gives a detailed description of each student as how they do and feel at different stages in the learning process.
    • Assessment is done on the subjects of learning through listening, speaking, reading, writing, understanding and acquiring of skills.
    • As a teacher and a guide our job is to help each child discover and explore what is important to the child and to gain understanding.
    • We offer many different materials and activities for children to express themselves. We care deeply for the children.
  • Our programs are designed in such a way that –

    • To help child acclimatize to outside world and ease the separation pangs.
    • Help children develop personal skills they need to take an active part in the years to come
    • To help children in developing a positive mind set to be a confident learner.
    • Simultaneously improving the language skills through phonic methods.
    • Play is important work and full of information and hence we use play to form a dialogue between children and other children,between children and adults.
    • We use Montessori and Play-Way methods to build upon current knowledge and skills.
    • We teach day to day activities, storytelling through puppet shows and same will be reproduced by the children.
    •  We build community by spending time together and discovering each other’s schema.
    •  Friendly, secure, and an ideal environment for learning.


  • Day Care

    We serve an excellent day care facility for your children in a loving and caring manner. We provide a reliable and caring place, where we take care of your young ones with responsibility, when you are at work or after-school care for your school-going child.

    Timings: Monday to Friday (8.30am to 6.30pm)

    • Baby Sitting
      Baby Sitting
      • 6 Months to 1 year 8 months
        Year olds
    • Full Time Day care
      Full Time Day care
      • 6 Months to 1 year 8 months
        Year olds
    • After School Hours
      After School Hours Day care
      • 6 Months to 1 year 8 months
        Year olds