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A magical place to share, learn, & grow

KIDS PARADISE is a Pre-school, Daycare and an Activity Centre. The journey of KP began in 2001 as an independent institution by an experienced educationist Mrs. SWARNALATHA.B. KP is in spacious, colorful and fun filled environment to stimulate overall development of tiny tots by the team of qualified and dedicated staff.

We offer part and full time schedules to meet the individual needs of the Kids, Parents and Families as a whole.

For each age group Exclusive Class Rooms are available with all resources, activities, food and rest so as to gear up your child’s developmental needs and interests at that age. Huge range of fun activities to suit all ages and interests, are based in our purpose-designed school building as well as in play ground. It is dream cum true for the parents looking for a place of safe and loving house for their little one. It is truly ‘a home away from home’ and much more than that.

We value the uniqueness of each individual as a gift and an opportunity to learn with enrichment by the similarities and differences within our socio-cultural context.

“Half Days, Short Days and Full Days of Daycare facilities are available to suit your child’s needs.”

Founder and Principal

Mrs. Swarnalatha Bathala

Mrs. Swarnalatha holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Sri Krishnadevaraya University and a bachelor’s degree in science from Sri Venkateswara University. She is hailing from a family of education and the Founder of KIDS PARADISE. Her father is an educational officer in the State of Andhra Pradesh and husband is a practicing Chartered Accountant. Swarnalatha has a keen interest in the field of education, mainly primary education, having rich experience over two decades. She is passionate of children which has prompted her to setup KIDS PARADISE, imparting the quality and dedicated education in eco-friendly environment with a team of dedicated and qualified staff.

In short n sweet ” she is best described as the world of Ideas & Talents”. She’s responsible and doesn’t follow but she leads. She’s always about accomplishing goals and she never settles for anything less until she achieves. She has turned her dreams into plans. She is a well balanced woman of today as a Mother, wife and an educationist.

Founder's message

Dear parents,

The quality of education in India throws a big challenge to our education system. This may be as the result of most of our students learn by rote (learning by repetition) and do not possess practical skills. Pre-school is the gate way for learning at right time and right place to a child. In this competitive and dynamic world, different concepts, methods and techniques are being followed by the various pre-schools but the object is same. To improve the learning and to achieve the universal education in pre-school a lot more has to be done by uniformity in teaching by well trained teachers. This is what we are following in our Pre-school “KIDS PARADISE”. “No one ever forgets a good teacher”. Pre-schooling became an essential in the education system all over the world. Pre-school education is the method of learning to children before the commencement of formal education. Pre-school refers to an early-childhood educational class for 2 to 5 year olds. The areas and themes of pre-school education to children cover –

    • Personal Development
    • Playing
    • Communication skills including, listening, speaking, reading and writing.
    • Self-help skills
    • Create Arts & Crafts
    • Social Skills
    • Literacy etc.

The children gain a lot from going to pre-school. They become exposed to letters, numbers, shapes, dance, music, art & crafts etc. at pre-school. In addition to strengthening socialization, pre-school provides a place where the child can gain a sense of self confidence. In India, a country of unity in diversity, the pre-school programs are highly variable. But the Activity-Based Learning (ABL) methodology has gained universal acceptance in pre-school education system. Parents and teachers also see pre-school teachers as being extensions of or partial substitutes for the parents, and consequently emphasize personal relationships and consistent expectations at home and at school. It is our duty; responsibility and accountability to keep on standardize our education system to be par with international standards. Let us do it and commit for it.

why choose us ?


“Let the kids question, explore, discover and learn at their own pace without the fear of failure simultaneously aiming to bring out their best and grow them into responsible world citizens “.

“To impart the education, knowledge, skills, objectivity and culture for students in particular and for the public and society in general with social responsibility”.


  • The school believes that creativity can’t be founded for a specific time thus each child should be provided relevant time to explore his talent. KP believes in influencing the overall personality resulting in the wholesome development of the child.
  • Apart from focusing on the educational subjects the school also provides entertaining atmosphere allowing the kids to learn while play.
  • KP believes in nurturing each child’s potential and qualities according to his readiness by diverting their imagination towards an all-round and wholesome development. To provide the children with comfortable, appropriately sized space with ample light, lots of colour and inviting material to work with. Helping your child develop socially, developing habits of initiative and persistence as well as Initiating inner security, self-discipline and a sense of order. Parents can find continual improvement in their child’s growth.


  • Escorted transportation.
  • Fully secured premises with monitored main gate and classrooms.
  • Stimulating theme classrooms along with educational toys, games and puzzles.
  • Child library and audio-visual room.
  • Green lawns with slides, swings, splash pool.
  • Morning Breakfast, Mid Day meals, Evening Snacks and Milk.
  • Student teachers ratio of 10:1.
  • Comprehensive reading and writing readiness programme.
  • Extensive documentation reports of each child’s progress is done and given to parents to understand their progress.
    Day Boarding.
  • Hygienic and clean washrooms for children.
  • Provision of Cots for an afternoon nap for the day care children.
  • Puppet shows theatre etc.

meet our teachers

Puri Maha

head teacher

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elsa verina

head teacher

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Karla Smith

head teacher

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kean Berleen

head teacher

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